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 ~ Winter  Session 2019  TAI CHI-QIGONG ~     

with Malcolm Lewis, PhD, LAc


Improve Energy  ~  Balance  ~  Postural Alignment
BodyMind Harmony  ~  Moving Meditation

Jan 14 - April 10

-- Open to students of all levels of experience -- 

Monday Evenings

Tai Chi/Qigong    7:00 - 8:15pm

Wednesday Mornings

  Tai Chi/Qigong    10:00 - 11:15am


-- Tuition for the 13-week series --

 Winter 2019 






Tai Chi/Qigong




Note: If you take more than one class per week, the total tuition is always discounted.


-- "Regular" Registration will take place at the first class of the series --

"EARLY-BIRD" Discount Registration Form

 -- All classes are held at the Lower Lodge at Mt Shasta City Park --

For further information, call 926-2800 or e-mail



-- Beginners Always Welcome --

Registered students who are unable to attend a scheduled class are welcome to make up the class at an alternate class time during the current series. Please note that there will be no refunds after classes begin.  Private sessions and professional-quality Tai Chi practice DVDs are available upon request.

Tai Chi classes emphasize the fundamental principles underlying the beauty and grace of the Classical Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form.  Students are guided through the movements of the Tai Chi "set" which builds strength, flexibility and balance while improving circulation and deepening relaxation. Further practice explores the details and depth of the more advanced movements with an increasing focus on mind-body-breath coordination. 

Qigong for Health

Basic qigong practices for reducing toxic stress, clearing energy blockages, improving mental clarity and enhancing physical vitality.  These simple exercises are easy to learn and may be done standing or sitting, depending upon each person’s physical capabilities.  Relaxation is a key component to practice which leads to the coordination of smooth movement, calm breathing and peace of mind.  Qigong holds the potential of a life-long health and healing foundation, which may be practiced with benefit at the most basic to the more advanced levels.

Qigong (pronounced "chee-goong") describes a Chinese Exercise system with a 5,000 year history that focuses on cultivating and attracting "Qi" or "Life-Force" energies. The primary goals are to eliminate excess tension, clear energy blockages, and purge toxic emotions from within the body's tissues.  Additional benefits include strengthening and balancing the internal organs and bio-electrical energy of the body.

The movements are gentle, slow, smooth, and elegant.

There is tension and relaxation, movement and stillness,

together with harmony of mind, breath and body. 

Malcolm Lewis, PhD, LAc has a background of over 35 years experience practicing and teaching "Tai Chi For Health & Longevity".  He has offered classes through the Mt Shasta Recreation and Parks Department since 1997.  Dr. Lewis maintains a private practice at Good Medicine Clinic focusing on natural health principles and incorporating acupuncture, clinical nutrition and energy-balancing therapies within a holistic perspective.

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